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Poetnsen - music charity - songs n' posts

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Poetnsen by Casi Cool im Egoland

Poet, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synth, Perc, Drums [programming],

mix + mastering [in a ridiculous room on a cute Homestudio]

Means live 🎸playin' dudes no sample beep bong or KI stuff! 🐣😂

D a n k e s c h ö n Worldfriends!*


Fürs anhören + legale bestellen meiner Soundtracks.

For listening + buying legal downloads of my music charity.**


Remember: Everything starts with YOU!


YOU are important + YOU make a difference!


Stand up together for a fair & better world or...


Eine gute Zeit! 🕊️Casi


PS mit smarty 🐣 Arti: ANY LIVES MATTER!


Fortsetzung folgt (To be continued)...


*Warum ist hier viel universal Worldslang auf dieser Seite?

Viele meiner Hörer kommen aus dem Ausland. That's why. 😉


**music charity = I donate legal downloads + streams to great organisations.