Willkommen auf Poetnsen - dem etwas anderen Projekt

Welcome at Poetnsen - music charity - songs n' posts + animals voice

Remember: Everything starts with YOU!


Poetnsen [Ptn] by Casi Cool im Egoland

Poet, Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synth, Perc, Drums [programming],

mix + mastering [in a ridiculous room on a cute homestudio]

Means live playin' dude 🎸no sample beep beep bong stuff! Arti 🐣😂

D A N K E S C H Ö N Worldfriends!

Fürs anhören + legale bestellen meiner Soundtracks.

For listening + legal downloads of my music charity*.


If you really want a better world practise it!


YOU are important + YOU make a difference.


Stand up together for a fair & better world or...


Eine gute Zeit! 🕊️Casi


Fortsetzung folgt (To be continued)...


PS mit smarty 🐣 Arti: Hüpf doch ma' auf OFFIZIELLE FREUNDE.

Da gibt's richtig coolio Rockerz und null Blödbommelz!

Should YOU like to work on a better world too - support the great

OFFICIAL FRIENDS. They're coolio chickies like me! 🐣😂


*music charity = Ich spende legale downloads + streams an tolle Organisationen.

*music charity = I donate legal downloads + streams to great organisations.

Music poetry proudly Handmade in Germany 🎸S i n g l e - C o l l e c t i o n :

Look what happens with YOUR data: DIGITALCOURAGE.DE = all about your spies!